Work Less, Make More Money

Timing triathlons is a lot of work, but with our software your job just got A LOT EASIER! Our goal is to make your life easier while, at the same time, improving your bottom line. Better quality timing means you can charge more per job and get more jobs, which means more income. Most triathlon timers stink! With our systems, Race Directors will think you are a superhero and they'll be beating down your door once the word gets out.

Our systems are completely integrated and easy to use, making your job, and the race director's job, much easier.


Universal Benefits

There are many system benefits that cross the boundaries between timing, registration, results and management. Read more


Timing Benefits

TriScoring.com was designed by a software developer with 13 years of triathlon timing experience to WOW your customers and make the job of timing easier. Read more


Results Benefits

Face the facts, Triathletes pay good money to race and static HTML or PDF results just don't cut it in today's high tech world. Read more


Registration Benefits

This easy-to-use registration system is fully integrated with timing, results, and race management while paying you every week. Read more


Management Benefits

Organizing triathlons is a lot of work. This system was designed by a Race Director of over 200 triathlons who also successfully ran several other businesses. Put that experience to work for YOU! Read more

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