Timing Benefits

Supercharge Your Race Timing

Our CEO has leveraged his 13 years and 200+ events of timing and race director experience to create the most effective, fast, user friendly, and customer experienced based Triathlon timing system available anywhere. You can easily look up and edit racer information, categories, wave times, chip data, manual backup data, and penalties all from the same screen.

Click the system image for a zoomed in view of the interface with detailed explanations of the functions.


Live Results with Live Splits

Live results (including live splits) can be displayed on multiple HDTVs at the finish line. This replaces printing and posting results continuously. Each split time is added as it occurs, so spectators can actually see what part of the race a participant is on. Use any 1080p HDTV. Click images to enlarge:


Integrated Manual Backup System

Our app lets you turn any Android tablet or phone into a robust manual backup timing device that can actually replace chip timing in low volume events.


Receipt Printing

Receipt printing is integrated into the system and customized with your logo. Use thermal paper and never run out of ink (thermal printers are $300, paper rolls are very inexpensive). Give receipts when racers exit the finish chute to really impress them and find any category or other mistakes immediately. No more calls or emails the week after the event about timing issues.


System Catches Common Timing Issues

  1. Incorrect Wave Starts – Shows participants whose max check-in time at the start line does not match their assigned wave time.
  2. Lap/No Finish – Has a Lap/Announce chip passing but no finish chip passing.
  3. Manual Backup/No Finish – Has a manual backup at the finish, but no chip passing at the finish.
  4. Manual/No Chip – Has manual backup records, but no chip records at all.
  5. Short Laps – Shows when a participant didn’t do the required number of laps in a multi-lap leg of the race.
  6. Duplicates – Shows when 2 participants have been assigned the same race number.
  7. Unassigned Chips – Chips with passings (RFID readings at a timing point) but that aren’t assigned to anyone.
  8. Threshold Breakers – Shows split times that are too fast based on the distances.
  9. Missing Split Times
  10. Chip Issues Grid – Shows when someone has the wrong chip. It figures this out when 3+ manual passings match the wrong chip.

Racer Status Screen

Shows how many people are on each split of the race. Click on the split to see the race numbers of those people.


Online Announcer System

Online, browser based Announcer system so announcer can use any device computer, tablet, or phone to see list of finishers to announce their names.


Reader Status Screen

See the times of the last chip and manual passing at each timing point. Changes color when the last manual backup is more than 30 seconds newer than the last chip passing, indicating to the timer to check out the timing box as it may have stopped reading.


Customizable Checklist

Includes an integrated and customizable timing checklist so nothing is forgotten.


Works With Any Chip System

We will custom integrate our software to work with your existing chip timing hardware, so you can massively upgrade your system without paying anything!


Built to Automatically Handle Your Series Points

Save yourself many hours of work and headache and let our system handle your series points computations for you and display the results on our custom series webpage.

Click for a series standings example.


Referee Direct Entry of Penalties

Referees have their own system login and can input penalties themselves, saving everyone time and getting out official results (and awards) quicker.


Many System Redundancies

Examples include the manual backup system, not being dependent on any particular timing computer, etc.

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