Universal Benefits

Cross Boundary System Benefits

While our Timing and Results Systems are the primary reason Race Directors are choosing us for their technology solutions, they quickly discover the benefits of all of our systems and that all of the systems enhance each other and work together as an indispensable suite of tools that give a competitive advantage like no other.


Specific to Triathlon

Triathlon is a very unique sport. The reason that most triathlon timing systems suck is that they aren't triathlon timing systems. They are one size fits all timing systems that are poorly adapted to triathlon. Our registration and management systems are also specifically designed for triathlon organizers.


Automatic Integration Between Systems

All RET systems are fully integrated with each other. Some examples include: TriDirector reports and financials are instantly updated as registrations from TriRegistration come in. You can leave online registration open even after the first wave starts as any new registrations from TriRegistration.com are automatically imported into TriScoring.com.


Cloud Based

Timer or assistant can be located anywhere. You just need an on-site person to set up and monitor the timing equipment.

Applies to all systems. Need to know if a specific person is registered? Want to see how many registrations you got yesterday? Need to estimate how many shirts to order for the next event? Just pull up TriDirector on your smartphone and see.


Any Device Timing

No dependency on any timing computer. All systems can be operated from a phone, including the full timing system. Thus there is no single point of hardware failure.


Make More Money

Our software improves your events, thus allowing higher registration fees while getting more participants as the word gets out.


Complete Video Training

Detailed video demonstrations on every aspect of the system let you hit the ground running. Watch at your leisure on any device as many times as necessary. Videos are just a few minutes each so it is easy to find the exact content that you are looking for.

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